October 28, 2021

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Thomas Mann – books and biography

German writer and Nobel Prize winner in Literature Thomas Mann was born on June 6, 1875. His family was quite large, and not only Thomas was not the only writer among his loved ones. His older brother, Heinrich Mann, was also a writer. The family of the future author was quite prosperous, so Mann’s childhood years passed quite carefree. Mann’s father died in 1981. The family decided to sell their father’s company and move to Munich. Thomas began to show himself as a writer. He wrote reviews for the philosophical and literary edition “Spring Thunder” and the magazine “XX century”, which was published by his brother.

Thomas gained fame with the release of his first book, the novel “Buddenbrooks”, which received numerous reviews from readers and critics. In this work, Thomas Mann described partly the history of his own kind. In 1905, the writer marries Katya Pringsheim. The couple had six children, three of them later followed in the footsteps of their father and took up literary activity. The writer’s marriage allowed him to join the big bourgeois circles. He soon wrote his most famous novel, Death in Venice. The writer supported the First World War and condemned pacifism, which negatively affected his relationship with his brother. After some time, the political situation opened the eyes of the writer and he publicly renounced his previous views.

In 1924, another famous book by Mann, The Magic Mountain, was published. Five years later, he won the Nobel Prize for his first novel. In 1933, Mann left Germany due to the arrival of the Nazi regime and moved to Zurich. The Nazi regime deprived the writer of his citizenship, after which he became a citizen of Czechoslovakia, and in 1938 left for the United States, where he would soon write his “Doctor Faustus”. After the end of World War II, Mann returned to Switzerland and occasionally visited the shattered Germany. The writer died on August 12, 1955 from atherosclerosis in Zurich.