October 28, 2021

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The Hardy Boys books

List of Hardy Boys booksSupermysteryUndercover BrothersAThe Alien Factor (novel)The Apeman’s SecretThe Arctic Patrol MysteryAt All Costs (Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys)BBest of Enemies (novel)The Billion Dollar RansomThe Bombay BoomerangBuried in Time (Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys)CThe Caribbean Cruise CaperCast of CriminalsThe Castle ConundrumThe Clue in the EmbersThe Clue of the Broken BladeThe Clue of the Hissing SerpentThe Clue of the Screeching OwlCopper Canyon ConspiracyCourting Disaster (novel)A Crime for ChristmasCrime in the CardsCrime in the KennelThe Crimson FlameThe Crisscross ShadowCross-Country CrimeCult of CrimeDDanger Down UnderDanger on Vampire TrailDangerous Games (Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys)The Dangerous TransmissionDaredevils (The Hardy Boys)Day of the DinosaurDead on Arrival (Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys)Dead on Target (The Hardy Boys)The Disappearing FloorDouble Crossing (The Hardy Boys)EThe End of the TrailEvil in AmsterdamEvil, Inc. (novel)Exhibition of EvilEye on CrimeFFear on WheelsA Figure in HidingThe Firebird RocketThe Flickering Torch MysteryFootprints Under the WindowThe Four-Headed DragonGA Game Called ChaosGame Plan for DisasterThe Ghost at Skeleton RockG cont.The Great Airport MysteryHThe Hardy Boys Detective HandbookThe Hardy Boys (Secret Files)Hardy Boys:BurnedThe Haunted FortHazed (The Hardy Boys)The Hidden Harbor MysteryHigh Stakes (Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys)High SurvivalHits and Misses (The Hardy Boys)Hollywood Horror (Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys)The Hooded Hawk MysteryThe House on the CliffThe Hunt for the Four BrothersHunting for Hidden GoldHyde and ShriekIThe Infinity ClueIslands of IntrigueJThe Jungle PyramidLThe Last Laugh (The Hardy Boys)The Last Resort (Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys)MThe Mark on the DoorThe Masked MonkeyThe Melted CoinsThe Missing ChumsThe Mummy Case (Hardy Boys)Murder House (The Hardy Boys)Murder on the Fourth of JulyThe Mysterious CaravanThe Mystery at Devil’s PawThe Mystery of Cabin IslandMystery of Smugglers CoveThe Mystery of the Aztec WarriorThe Mystery of the Chinese JunkMystery of the Desert GiantThe Mystery of the Flying ExpressMystery of the Samurai SwordThe Mystery of the Spiral BridgeMystery of the Whale TattooMystery Train (Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys)NNew Year’s Evil (Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys)Night of the WerewolfNightmare in New OrleansOThe Ocean of OsyriaOperation Titanic (Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys)Out of Control (Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys)The Outlaw’s SilverPThe Paris ConnectionPassport to Danger (The Hardy Boys)Past and Present DangerThe Pentagon SpyP cont.The Phantom FreighterProcess of EliminationQA Question of GuiltRRiver Rats (The Hardy Boys)Royal RevengeRunning on Empty (Hardy Boys novel)SThe Search for the Snow LeopardThe Secret Agent on Flight 101The Secret of Pirates’ HillThe Secret of Skull MountainThe Secret of the CavesThe Secret of the Lost TunnelThe Secret of the Old MillThe Secret of Wildcat SwampThe Secret PanelThe Secret WarningSecrets of the NileSee No Evil (The Hardy Boys)The Shattered HelmetThe Shore Road MysteryThe Short-Wave MysteryThe Sign of the Crooked ArrowThe Sinister SignpostSkin & Bones (Hardy Boys novel)The Skyfire PuzzleSpies and LiesThe Sting of the ScorpionThe Stone IdolStreet SpiesThe Submarine CaperTTarget for TerrorTic-Tac-TerrorTour of DangerThe Tower TreasureTrack of the ZombieTraining for TroubleTrapped at SeaTropic of FearTrouble Times TwoThe Twisted ClawVThe Vanishing ThievesThe Viking Symbol MysteryThe Voodoo PlotWThe Wailing Siren MysteryWarehouse RumbleWhat Happened at MidnightWhile the Clock TickedA Will to SurviveThe Witchmaster’s KeyYThe Yellow Feather Mystery