October 26, 2021

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Stendhal’s novel Red and Black

Stendhal’s novel Red and Black is an acknowledged literary masterpiece of the nineteenth century. Many have read the story of an ambitious and talented young man, a native of the lower classes. Having come to the conclusion that “in our age, money is everything,” young Julien Sorel embarks on a kind of social ascent and, in fact, achieves his goals with relative ease. Among the many assumptions about the meaning of the novel “Red and Black”, one can find a version according to which Stendhal disguised under secret flowers two feelings raging in the soul of an ambitious young man: passion as a spiritual impulse, as an unaccountable attraction and ambition, coupled with a thirst for fame, recognition at any cost … The interpenetration and struggle of these feelings constitute the inner intrigue of Stendhal’s novel. But is it enough to be happy?