October 28, 2021

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List of television series made into books

All About Us see: All About Us novels
Angel; see: List of Angel novels
Beauty and the Beast; see: Beauty and the Beast novelizations
Being Human; see: Being Human novels
Beverly Hills, 90210; see: Beverly Hills books
Buffy the Vampire Slayer; see: List of Buffy the Vampire Slayer novels
Castle; see Castle tie-in works
Catweazle; see: Catweazle novels
Charmed; see: List of Charmed books
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation; see: CSI novels
CSI: Miami; see: CSI novels
CSI: NY; see: CSI novels
Dad’s Army; see: List of Dad’s Army books and memorabilia
Dallas; see: Dallas books
Dark Shadows; see: Dark Shadows books
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman; see: Dr. Quinn books
Doctor Who; see: List of Doctor Who novelisations
Dynasty; see: Dynasty books
Flight 29 Down; see: Flight 29 Down books
Full House; see: Full House books
Ghost Whisperer; see: Ghost Whisperer novels
Grimm; see: Grimm novels
Hannah Montana; see: List of Hannah Montana books
Highlander: The Series; see: Highlander: The Series novels
Life on Mars; see: Life on Mars novels
Lizzie McGuire; see: Lizzie McGuire books
Millennium; see: Millennium books
Monk; see: Monk books
Murder, She Wrote; see:
My So-Called Life; see: My So-Called Life novel
Once Upon a Time; see: Once Upon a Time novel
The Originals; see: The Originals novels
Primeval; see: List of Primeval books and novelisations
Quantum Leap; see: Quantum Leap books
Revenge; see: Revenge book
Roar; see: Roar books
Roswell; see: Roswell novels
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch; see: Sabrina books
The Sarah Jane Adventures; see: The Sarah Jane Adventures books
The Secret World of Alex Mack; see: List of The Secret World of Alex Mack books
Smallville; see: Smallville novels
So Little Time; see: So Little Time books
Space: 1999; see: List of Space: 1999 books and other media
Space: Above and Beyond; see: Space: Above and Beyond books
Star Trek; see: List of Star Trek novels
Teen Wolf; see: Teen Wolf novels
Torchwood; see: List of Torchwood novels and audio books
The Tribe; see: The Tribe novels
Twin Peaks; see: Twin Peaks books
Two of a Kind; see: Two of a Kind books
The Vampire Diaries; see: Stefan’s Diaries
The X-Files; see: The X-Files literature