October 28, 2021

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List of Freedom Press Books

Anarchism & Anarchist Theory
A Structured Anarchism, John Griffin
Now and After: The ABC of Communist Anarchism, Alexander Berkman
About Anarchism, Nicolas Walter
Act For Yourselves, Peter Kropotkin
Anarchism, Paul Eltzbacher
Anarchism and Anarcho-Communism, Peter Kropotkin
Anarchism Versus Socialism, William C. Owen
Anarchism and Anarcho-syndicalism, Rudolf Rocker
Anarchist Essays, Charlotte M. Wilson and Nicolas Walter (Ed.)
Anarchy, Errico Malatesta
Anarchy in Action, Colin Ward
At the Café: Conversations on Anarchism, Errico Malatesta
Bakunin and Nachaev, Paul Avrich
Fighting the Revolution, Peter E. Newell
Impossibilities of Social Democracy, Vernon Richards
Journey Through Utopia, Marie Louise Berneri
Life and Ideas, Errico Malatesta and Vernon Richards (Ed.)
Marxism, Freedom and the State, Michael Bakunin
Max Stirners Egoism, John P. Clark
Mutual Aid, Peter Kropotkin
Nationalism and Culture, Rudolf Rocker
Social Defence, Social Change, Brian Martin
The Anarchist Revolution, Errico Malatesta
The Anarchist Writings of William Blake, Peter Marshall (Ed.)
The State, Harold Barclay
The State: Its Historic Role, Peter Kropotkin
Violence and Anarchism, Vernon Richards
What Is Anarchism? , Donald Rooum (Ed.)
William Blake: Visionary Anarchist, Peter Marshall
Uprooting War, Brian Martin
Protest Without Illusions, Vernon Richards
The Shadows Under the Lamp, Ronald Creagh and Sharif Gemie
Art and Cultural Studies
A One-Man Manifesto, Herbert Read
A Part-Time Photographer’s Portrait, Vernon Richards
A Summer in the Park, Tony Allen
A Weekend Photographer’s, Vernon Richards
Beauty is More Than in the Eye, Vernon Richards
Breaking Free, J. Daniels
Culture and Anarchism, Harold Barclay
George Orwell at Home, Vernon Richards
Re-reading Read, Michael Paraskos
The Blue Cow, John Olday
The Future of Technics and Civilisation, Lewis Mumford
The Last Captalist, Stephen Cullen
The March to Death, John Olday (Ed.)
Visions of Poesy, Clifford Harper (Ed.)
Work, Language and Education, Michael Duane
Writings Against Power and Death, Alex Comfort
Fields, Factories and Workshops Tomorrow, Peter Kropotkin
Questioning Technology, John Zerzan (Ed.)
Freedom To Go, Colin Ward
Deep Ecology and Anarchism, Murray Bookchin (Ed.)
Freedom To Roam, Harold Sculthorpe
The Employment Question, Dennis Pym
The Tradition of Workers Control, Geoffrey Ostergaard
Why Work? Arguments for the Leisure, Bertrand Russell and Vernon Richards
Freedom Anthologies
A Decade of Anarchy, Colin Ward (Ed.)
Anarchy –1961–70, …
British Imperialism and the Palestine, Vernon Richards (Ed.)
Freedom Centenary, Donald Rooum
Neither East Nor West, Marie Louise Berneri
Neither Nationalisation Nor Privatisation, Vernon Richards (Ed.)
Spain – 1936–1939, Vernon Richards
The Left and World War Two, Vernon Richards (Ed.)
The State Is Your Enemy’…, Charles Crute (Ed.)
Through the Anarchist Press, John Rety
World War Cold War: Selections From War Commentary And Freedom, Vernon Richards (Ed.)
A Short History of Anarchism, Max Nettlau
Anarchists in the Spanish Revolution, Jose Peirats
Beating the Fascists: the Untold Story of AFA, Sean Birchall
Collectives in the Spanish Revolution, Gaston Leval
History of the Makhnovist Movement, Peter Arshinov
Lessons of the Spanish Revolution, Vernon Richards
May Days Barcelona, Augustin Souchy (Ed.)
Religious Movements: Yesterday and Today, Harold Barclay
The East End Years, Fermin Rocker
Zapata of Mexico, Peter E. Newell
The Anarchist Quiz Book, Martin Howard
Social Policy
Children In Society, Stephen Cullen
Housing: An Anarchist Approach, Colin Ward
Information Liberation, Brian Martin
Love, Sex and Power in Later Life, Tony Gibson
Social Policy, Colin Ward
Strip the Experts, Brian Martin
Talking Houses, Colin Ward
Talking Schools, Colin Ward
Talking to Architects, Colin Ward
The Terrace, Michael Duane
Health Service Wildcat, Donald Rooum
Twenty Year Millennium Wildcat, Donald Rooum
Wildcat ABC of Bosses, Donald Rooum
Wildcat: Anarchists Against Bombs, Donald Rooum
Wildcat Anarchist Comics, Donald Rooum
Wildcat Keeps Going, Donald Rooum
Wildcat Strikes Again, Donald Rooum