October 26, 2021

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List of fictional books in the works of Stephen King

By Bobbi Anderson
Bobbi Anderson is a primary character in the novel The Tommyknockers.

Rimfire Christmas (Title only also mentioned in The Stand, p340 approx))
The Buffalo Soldiers
The Long Ride Back
Massacre Canyon
Boxing the Compass
By Thaddeus Beaumont (also writing as George Stark)
Thaddeus Beaumont appears or is mentioned in King’s novels The Dark Half, Needful Things, Rage, and Bag of Bones.

The Golden Dog by Thaddeus Beaumont
Machine’s Way by George Stark
Oxford Blues by George Stark
Purple Haze by Thaddeus Beaumont
Riding to Babylon by George Stark
Sharkmeat Pie by George Stark
Steel Machine by George Stark
The Sudden Dancers by Thaddeus Beaumont
By Bill Denbrough
Bill Denbrough is a primary character in the novel It.

The Black Rapids
The Dark (short story)
Attic Room (original screenplay)
An unnamed novel about werewolves
Joanna (his first novel)
(The Glowing – Only present in movie adaptation)
By Mike Enslin
Mike Enslin appears in King’s short story “1408.”

Ten Nights in Ten Haunted Castles
Ten Nights in Ten Haunted Graveyards
Ten Nights in Ten Haunted Houses
Ten Nights in Ten Haunted Hotel Rooms (unfinished)
By Richard Kinnell
Richard Kinnell appears in King’s short story “The Road Virus Heads North.”

The Departing
Nightmare City
By Scott Landon
Scott Landon is the best-selling horror novelist that appears in Lisey’s Story.

Empty Devils
The Coaster’s Daughter (National Book Award winner)
Relics (Pulitzer winner)
The Secret Pearl (final novel)
Outlaw’s Honeymoon
By Samuel D. Landry
Sam Landry is one of the main characters of “Umney’s Last Case”. He is a noir writer similar to Raymond Chandler who wrote a series of six novels about the 1930s private eye Clyde Umney.

Scarlet Town (1977)
Three unnamed sequel novels
How Like a Fallen Angel (1993)
Umney’s Last Case (1994)
By Anthony L. K. LaScorbia
Anthony LaScorbia appears in “The Plant”.

Rats from Hell
Scorpions from Hell
Wasps from Hell
Ants from Hell
Flies from Hell
By John Marinville
John Marinville is a primary character in the novels The Regulators and Desperation.

Pat the Kitty-Cat Detective
Song of the Hammer
By Ben Mears
Ben Mears is the main protagonist of King’s novel Salem’s Lot.

Conway’s Daughter
Air Dance
Billy Said Keep Going
An unknown novel written after the events of Salem’s Lot. (destroyed, never published)
By Mike Noonan
Mike Noonan appears in King’s novels Lisey’s Story and Bag of Bones.

All the Way from the Top
Being Two
Darcy’s Admirer
Helen’s Promise
The Red-Shirt Man
Threatening Behavior
My Childhood Friend (unfinished and destroyed)
By Morton Rainey
Morton Rainey appears in King’s short story “Secret Window, Secret Garden.”

The Delacourt Family
Everybody Drops the Dime (short stories)
The Organ-Grinder’s Boy
By Edward Gray Seville
Edward Gray Seville appears in King’s novella The Breathing Method (subtitled “A Winter’s Tale).

Breakers (1935) by Gray Seville
These Were Our Brothers (1911) by Gray Seville
By Paul Sheldon
Paul Sheldon appears in King’s novel Misery.

Misery in France
Misery’s Child
Misery’s Heartbreak
Misery’s Love
Misery’s Challenge
Misery’s Quest
Misery’s Triumph
Misery’s Dilemma
Fast Cars (destroyed)
Misery’s Return
By John Shooter
John Shooter appears in King’s short story “Secret Window, Secret Garden.”

Sowing Season
By Jack Torrance
Jack Torrance is one of three main characters in the novel The Shining.

The Little School (unfinished play)
Concerning the Black Holes (short story)
The Monkey is here, Paul deLong (short story)
Necronomicon (featured in “I Know What You Need”)
Ancient Rites, Modern Mysteries (featured in “I Know What You Need”)
Salems’ Lot, Stephen King (Featured in The Dark Tower Series- not a fictional work- see ‘Salem’s Lot)
Dance Crazes of the Fifties (featured in “I Know What You Need”)
Haitian Voodoo (featured in “I Know What You Need”)
Charlie the Choo-Choo by Claudia y Inez Bachman and/or Beryl Evans (featured in The Dark Tower series)
De Vermis Mysteriis (mentioned in “Jerusalem’s Lot” and “Revival”)
The Dogan (also known as The Hogan), by Benjamin Slightman Junior (mentioned in Wolves of the Calla)
My Name is Susan Snell by Susan Snell (mentioned in Carrie)
Raising Demons (featured in “Sometimes They Come Back”)
The Shadow Exploded: Documented Cases and Specific Conclusions Derived from the Case of Carietta White by David R. Congress (mentioned in Carrie)
Slang Terms Explained: A Parents’ Guide by John R. Coombs (mentioned in Carrie)
Treating the Burn Victim: A Diagnostic Approach, sixteenth edition (mentioned in “1408”)
Underworld Figures by Reg Thorpe (mentioned in The Ballad of the Flexible Bullet)
Willow Grove Knitting Society Series by Tessa Jean (featured in Big Driver)