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List of comic books

Argentina (historieta)[edit]





Belgium (stripverhaalstripbande dessinéeBD)[edit]



Brazil (gibihistória em quadrinhos)[edit]






China (manhua)[edit]

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Côte d’Ivoire[edit]



  • Egoland. Comic series.
  • Illustrated History of Denmark. Illustration.
  • Jernpotte (Ironpot). Graphic novel.
  • Og det var Danmark.
  • Rasmus Klump. Comic series.
  • Skæve Vinkler (Slanted Lines), comic series.
  • Ulvevinter (Wolfwinter), graphic novel.


Finland (sarjakuvat)[edit]

France (bande dessinée, BD, bédés)[edit]


Germany (Comic)[edit]



  • O Κόκκορας / The Rooster – 1981, created by Arkas
  • Show Business – 1983, created by Arkas
  • Ξυπνάς Μέσα Μου Το Ζώο / You Bring Out the Animal in Me – 1985, created by Arkas
  • Μετά την καταστροφή / After the Destruction – 1986, created by Arkas
  • Φάε το κερασάκι / Eat the Cherry – 1987, created by Arkas
  • Ο Παντελής Και Το Λιοντάρι / Pantelis and the Lion – 1987, created by Arkas
  • Αταίριαστοι Έρωτες / Ιncongruous Love – 1988, created by Arkas
  • Ο Ισοβίτης / The Lifer – 1988, created by Arkas
  • Χαμηλές Πτήσεις / Flying Starts – 1991, created by Arkas
  • Καστράτο / Castrato – 1995, created by Arkas
  • Πειραματόζωα / Animal Testing – 1998, created by Arkas
  • Ο καλός λύκος / The Big Good Wolf – 1998, created by Arkas
  • Η Ζωή Μετά / The Hereafter – 1999, created by Arkas
  • Οι Συνομήλικοι / Peers, created by Arkas
  • Θηρία Ενήμερα, created by Arkas
  • Το Μικρό και το Μεγάλο / The Small and the Big, created by Arkas
  • Επικίνδυνα Νερά / Dangerous Waters, created by Arkas
  • Blood Opera – 2004, created by Ilias Kyriazis
  • Blockbuster, created by Ilias Kyriazis
  • Turta – 2006, created by Ilias Kyriazis and Tassos Papaioannou
  • Manifesto – 2005, created by Ilias Kyriazis
  • Manifesto 2 – 2009, created by Ilias Kyriazis
  • Μια καρδιά για τον Λεοντόκαρδο / Falling for Lionheart – 2011, created by Ilias Kyriazis
  • Galaxia, created by Manos Lagouvardos
  • Logicomix – 2008, created by Apostolos DoxiadisChristos PapadimitriouAlecos Papadatos and Annie Di Donna
  • Giant-size Fascists, created by Con Chrisoulis
  • Κρακ Κόμικς / Crack Comis, created by Tasos Maragkos
  • Apocalypse Mode On – 2010, created by Giorgos Kampadaes
  • Ύψιλον / Ypsilon – 2004, created by Vasilis Chilas and Thanos Kollias


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Italy (fumetto)[edit]

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Japan (manga)[edit]

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Korea (manhwa)[edit]

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Teshkeel Comics


Mexico (historieta or monitos)[edit]




The Netherlands (stripverhaal)[edit]


Norway (tegneserier)[edit]

Philippines (komiks)[edit]


  • 12 Kuba by Nemesio E. Caravana (author) and Ruben N. Yandoc (artist)
  • 13 Little Fingers
  • 13 Sugat ng Puso
  • 24 Na Oras na Sindak
  • 29 (Veinte Nueve)
  • 3 Pilya
  • 3 Sisters by Mars Ravelo (author) and P.Z. Marcelo (artist)
  • 666 by Hal Santiago
  • 9-Year Old Mother by Elena M. Patron/Greg Igna de Dios (authors) and Angel B. Magpali (artist)
  • …At Nilikha ng Diyos ang Babae by D.G. Salonga (author) and Mar T. Santana (artist)
  • Abangan si Tantula
  • Abaruray…Abarinding
  • Abel at Eden by Carlo J. Caparas (author) and Rico Rival (artist)
  • Abilitat sa Akong by J.M. Perez
  • Abrakadabra
  • Aceron by Virgilio P. Redondo (author) and Template:Not a typo (artist)
  • Ad Infinitum
  • Ada by Pablo S. Gomez (author) and Louie D. Celerio (artist)
  • Ada: Ang Nuno sa Punso by Pablo S. Gomez (author) and Rico Rival (artist)
  • Adonis Abril
  • Adonis, Obra Maestra ng Baliw
  • Adora by Tarhata Memije Directo (author) and Mar Amongo (artist)
  • Adriana
  • Agatona by Carlo J. Caparas (author) and Mar T. Santana (artist)
  • Agilang Itim
  • Agimat ng Pusang Itim
  • Agua Bendita by Rod A. Santiago
  • Aguinaldong Banal
  • Ahastra by Cil Evangelista (author) and Ruben Javier (artist)
  • Akin ang Huling Halakhak by Nerissa G. Cabral (author) and Joey D. Celerio (artist)
  • Akin ang Kasalanan
  • Akin Ka
  • Akin Ka…Ngayong Gabi! by Rico Bello Omagap (author) and Rudy V. Arubang (artist)
  • Aklat ng Kabayanihan: Graf Spee
  • Aklat ng Kabayanihan: Pearl Harbor by Alfredo P. Alcala
  • Aklat ng Kabayanihan: Prince of Wales by Alfredo P. Alcala
  • Aklat ng Kabayanihan: Warspite by Alfredo P. Alcala
  • Aklat ng Kabayanihan: Yamato
  • Ako ang Uusig
  • Ako ba ay Tao?
  • Ako Pa Rin Ang Hari by Steve Gan
  • Ako…Ang Iyong Panginoon
  • Ako…Si Jesse! by O.B. Pangilinan (author) and Mar T. Santana (artist)
  • Ako’ng Panginoon by O.B. Pangilinan (author) and Tony Caravana (artist)
  • Ako’y Ifugao…Pilipino by Carlo J. Caparas (author) and Rudy V. Villanueva (artist)
  • Ako’y Nauuhaw! by Mars Ravelo (author) and Elpidio E. Torres (artist)
  • Ako’y Tao –May Dugo at Laman! by Mars Ravelo (author) and Mar T. Santana (artist)
  • Alabok sa Ulap
  • Alakdang Bato
  • Alamid by Tony Caravana
  • Ala-Suwerte
  • Album ng Kabalbalan ni Kenkoy by Tony S. Velasquez
  • Aldong Kuba by Joven N. Gapuz
  • Alex Bato by Pete San Felipe/Floren Perello (authors) and Edgar Bercasio (artist)
  • Ali Badbad en da Madyik Banig by R.R. Marcelino (author) and Cal Sobrepena (artist)
  • Ali Mudin by Clodualdo del Mundo (author) and F. Macabuhay (artist)
  • Alicia Alonzo by Mars Ravelo (author) and Elpidio E. Torres (artist)
  • Aling Kutsero by Virgilio P. Redondo (author) and Nestor P. Redondo (artist)
  • Aling Maria by Elena M. Patron (author) and Freddie Tolentino (artist)
  • Alinlangan
  • Alipin ng Busabos by Mars Ravelo (author) and P.Z. Marcelo (artist)
  • Almira
  • Alona by Emil Quizon Cruz
  • Always in my Heart
  • Alpha Omega Girl by Flor Afable Olazo (author) and Nar O. Castro (artist)
  • Alyas Agimat by Clodualdo del Mundo (author) and Jesse F. Santos (artist)
  • Alyas Baldo by Elena M. Patron (author) and Vir G. Flores (artist)
  • Alyas Buldoser
  • Alyas James Bond-Ying
  • Alyas Palos by Virgilio P. Redondo (author) and Nestor P. Redondo (artist)
  • Alyas Raquel Roma
  • Alyas Raton Ariel
  • Alyas Tigre
  • Amalia Darling! by Jim M. Fernandez
  • Amalia ng Quiapo by Tony Caravana
  • Amanda
  • Amor Encantado
  • Ampaw
  • Anak Mo…Ama’y Ako! by Greg Igna de Dios (author) and Mar T. Santana (artist)
  • Anak ng Aking Asawa
  • Anak ng Bakulaw by Virgo Villa (author) and Federico Perona (artist)
  • Anak ng Bulkan
  • Anak ng Demonyo by Pablo S. Gomez (author) and Louie D. Celerio (artist)
  • Anak ng Gangster by Ramon R. Marcelino (author) and Mar T. Santana (artist)
  • Anak ng Hudas
  • Anak ng Impakta
  • Anak ng Kidlat by Virgilio Redondo (author) and Nestor Redondo (artist)
  • Anak ng Lawin by Pablo S. Gomez (author) and Rico Rival (artist)
  • Anak ng Tampalasan
  • Anak ni Abraham by Benjie Valerio, Jr. (author) and Fabie Infante (artist)
  • Anak ni Dyesebel by Mars Ravelo (author) and Elpidio E. Torres (artist)
  • Anak ni Prinsipe Amante
  • Anak ni Zuma by Jim M. Fernandez (author) and Ben S. Maniclang (artist)
  • Anatalia by Rico Bello Omagap (author) and Antonio J. Ocampo (artist)
  • Ang 12 Pag-ibig ni Rizal
  • Ang Akin ay Akin at ang Iyo ay Akin pa Rin by Pablo S. Gomez (author) and Dannie Taverna (artist)
  • Ang Akin ay Para sa Lahat by Pablo S. Gomez (author) and Alex Nino (artist)
  • Ang Anak Ko’y Amerikana
  • Ang Anino sa Luksang Salamin
  • Ang Asong Itim sa Gulod
  • Ang Babaing Hinugot sa Aking Tadyang
  • Ang Babaing Nakapula by Elena M. Patron (author) and Louie D. Celerio (artist)
  • Ang Babaing Pusa
  • Ang Babaing Walang Kaluluwa
  • Ang Baliw sa Libingang Luma by Pablo S. Gomez (author) and Lan Medina (artist)
  • Ang Bangkay ni Senyor Hugo by Larry Tuazon (author) and Rod A. Santiago (artist)
  • Ang Barbaro by Francisco V. Coching
  • Ang Bilanggo sa Pulong Kristo
  • Ang Biyenan Kong Amerikana by Mars Ravelo (author) and P.Z. Marcelo (artist)
  • Ang Buhay na Bato sa Latian
  • Ang Buhay nga Naman by Lib Abrena
  • Ang Buhay ni Huwang Pahanga
  • Ang Bukas ay Akin! (Langit ang Uusig) by Nerissa G. Cabral (author) and Joe Mari Mongcal (artist)
  • Ang Bukas ay Walang Hanggan
  • Ang Daigdig ng Ada by Pablo S. Gomez (author) and Louie D. Celerio (artist)
  • Ang Daigdig ni Doktor Markus by Virgilio P. Redondo (author) and Alfredo P. Alcala (artist)
  • Ang Daya-Daya by Mars Ravelo (author) and Elpidio E. Torres (artist)
  • Ang Espadang Umaawit
  • Ang Ganda-Ganda Ko by Elena M. Patron (author) and Template:Not a typo (artist)
  • Ang Gangster at ang Birhen by Ramon R. Marcelino (author) and Mar T. Santana (artist)
  • Ang Gina at si Aladino by Jess A. Noriega
  • Ang Halimaw sa Intramuros
  • Ang Hiwaga ng Rosas na Itim
  • Ang Huling Lalaki ng Baluarte by Carlo J. Caparas (author) and Nestor Malgapo/Karl Comendador (artists)
  • Ang Huling Romansa by Elena M. Patron (author) and Romy T. Gamboa (artist)
  • Ang Ikatlong Nilalang ng Diyos
  • Ang Inyong Lagalag na Reporter by O.B. Pangilinan (author) and Nes Ureta (artist)
  • Ang Kalabog by Larry Alcala
  • Ang Kaluluwa ni Dante by Francisco V. Coching
  • Ang Kambal sa Uma by Jim M. Fernandez (author) and Ernie H. Santiago (artist)
  • Ang Kampana sa Santa Quiteria by Pablo S. Gomez (author) and Tony Caravana/Hal Santiago (artists)
  • Ang Kampanerang Kuba by Pablo S. Gomez (author) and Alex Nino (artist)
  • Ang Kasaysayan ng Eden
  • Ang Kasaysayan ni Josue
  • Ang Kasaysayan ni Judith
  • Ang Kasaysayan ni Ruth
  • Ang Kasaysayan ni Samuel
  • Ang Kastilyo sa Sapang Itim
  • Ang Kuba sa Palengke by Pablo S. Gomez (author) and Butch (artist)
  • Ang Langaw
  • Ang Lihim ni Gagamba by Virgilio P. Redondo (author) and Nestor P. Redondo (artist)
  • Ang Limbas at ang Lawin by Francisco V. Coching (author) and Federico Javinal (artist)
  • Ang Mababangis
  • Ang Maskara ni Palos by Virgilio P. Redondo (author) and Nestor P. Redondo (artist)
  • Ang Maton
  • Ang Mga Kasalanan ni Emmaruth by Ading Gonzales
  • Ang Mga Lawin by Virgilio P. Redondo (author) and Nestor P. Redondo (artist)
  • Ang Mga Pakikipagsapalaran ni Rondo
  • Ang Multo ni Carlota
  • Ang Multo sa Bahay-Pari
  • Ang Nakangiting Bangkay
  • Ang Nobya Kong Igorota by Rico Bello Omagap (author) and Jim M. Fernandez (artist)
  • Ang Paa ni Isabella
  • Ang Pagano by Francisco V. Coching (author) and Federico Javinal (artist)
  • Ang Pagbabalik ng Vampira
  • Ang Pagbabalik ni Darmo Adarna by R.R. Marcelino (author) and Rey Arcilla (artist)
  • Ang Paghihiganti ni Astrobal by Jim M. Fernandez (author) and H.A.N.D. (artist)
  • Ang Palasyo ng Mandaragat
  • Ang Pamana
  • Ang Panday by Carlo J. Caparas (author) and Steve Gan (artist)
  • Ang Pinasulabi
  • Ang Prinsesa at ang Alipin
  • Ang Sandok ni Boninay by Rod A. Santiago (author) and Joe Mari Mongcal (artist)
  • Ang Sawa sa Lumang Simboryo by Amado C. Yasona (author) and Tony de Zuniga/Hugo Yonzon (artists)
  • Ang Signo by Virgilio Redondo
  • Ang Tagisan ng mga Agimat
  • Ang Taong Halimaw sa mga Guho ng Intramuros
  • Ang Tatlong Kaluluwa ni Eba by Rey Leoncito (author) and Rey Macutay (artist)
  • Ang Testamento ni Don Gallardo
  • Ang Tigre at ang Diablo
  • Ang Tunay na Dugo’t Laman
  • Ang Ulilang Anghel
  • Ang Utak
  • Angela
  • Angela Markado by Carlo J. Caparas (author) and Abe Ocampo (artist)
  • Angelito
  • Angelo
  • Anghel ng Demonyo
  • Anghel sa Impiyerno by Conrado G. Diaz (author) and Bert Lopez (artist)
  • Angkan ng Masasama
  • Angkan ni Zuma by Jim M. Fernandez (author) and Mar T. Santana (artist)
  • Anino ni Agila
  • Anino ni Bathala by Pablo S. Gomez (author) and Nestor Redondo (artist)
  • Anino ni Maria Kapra by Greg Igna de Dios (author) and Jun Marcos (artist)
  • Anting-Anting ni Dading by Amado S. Castrillo (author) and Alfredo P. Alcala (artist)
  • Anuman Ang Sabihin ng Tao by Elena M. Patron (author) and Template:Not a typo (artist)
  • Apat na Agimat by Clodualdo del Mundo (author) and Fred Carrillo (artist)
  • Apat na Alas
  • Apat na Anino by Clodualdo del Mundo (author) and Fred Carrillo (artist)
  • Apat na Espada
  • Apat na Gantimpala
  • Apat na Halimaw by Deo Villegas (author) and Nar O. Castro (artist)
  • Apat na Mukha ni Eva
  • Apat na Taga
  • Apoy sa Eden
  • Apoy sa Magdamag
  • Ara
  • Aram by Joe Lad Santos (author) and Al Cabral (artist)
  • Araw-Araw Kitang Mahal by Manuel Ramirez (author) and Abe Ocampo (artist)
  • Armino
  • Asawang Binili
  • Asero
  • Asintado by Clodualdo del Mundo (author) and Fred Carrillo (artist)
  • Asiong Aksaya by Larry Alcala
  • Aso ni San Roque
  • Astrobal by Jim M. Fernandez
  • Asuwang by Virgo Villa (author) and Felipe Ilag (artist)
  • Asyang ng La Loma by Clodualdo del Mundo (author) and Fred Carrillo (artist)
  • Asyong Aksaya
  • At Naghintay si Reynosa…50 Taon
  • Atlanta by Rading Mina Sabater
  • Atoz
  • Ay, Naku Neneng!
  • Ayokong Tumuntong sa Lupa

Poland (komiks)[edit]


Puerto Rico[edit]



Spain (historietacómic or tebeo)[edit]

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South Africa[edit]


Sweden (tecknade serier)[edit]

Switzerland ((bande dessinée, BD, bédés))[edit]

United Arab Emirates[edit]

United Kingdom[edit]


DC Thomson[edit]


Other children’s anthology comics[edit]