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List of Bible dictionaries

Bible dictionaries of the 18th century

1722Dictionnaire historique, critique, chronologique, géographique et littéral de la Bible[2]Augustin CalmetEnglish translation (1732, 3 vols.) as An historical, critical, geographical, chronological and etymological dictionary of the Holy Bible, by John Colson and Samuel d’Oyly.[3]
1769A Dictionary of the Holy Bible[4]John Brown of HaddingtonWelsh translation by James Rhys Jones as Geiriadur Beiblaidd, 1869–70.[5]
1770Vollständiges Biblisches WörterbuchJacob Christof Beck[6]
1779A Dictionary of the Bible[7][8]Alexander Macbean
1784–5Scripture Lexicon[9]Peter Oliver: might be Peter Oliver, or a Birmingham preacher of the same name according to James DarlingCyclopaedia bibliographica.[9]
From 1797Dictionary of the Bible, translation from Calmet[10]Anonymous, Charles TaylorLater as Calmet’s Dictionary of the Holy Bible, American edition enlarged by Edward Robinson.[11]

Bible dictionaries of the 19th century[edit]

1804Dictionary of the Bible[12]James Wood[12]
1805–08Geiriadur Ysgrythyrol[13]Thomas Charles4 vols.
1810Dictionary of the Holy Bible[14]Miles Martindale2 vols.
1815A Theological, Biblical, Ecclesiastical Dictionary[15]John Robinson
1816Biblical Cyclopædia[16]William Jones
1817The Diamond Pocket Dictionary of the Holy Bible[17][18]William Gurney[19]The 1829 American edition by Archibald Alexander comments that the book was found to be an abridgement of Brown’s work; and Alexander made a fresh version.[20] Welsh translation 1835 by Isaac Jones.[21]
1831Theological and Biblical Dictionary[22]Richard WatsonBased on conservative authorities.[22]
1833Dictionary of the Holy Bible[16]Edward Robinson
1837Complete Index and Concise Dictionary of the Holy Bible[23]John Barr
1840Biblical and Theological Dictionary[24]Samuel Green
?–1843The Bible Cyclopædia[25]William Goodhugh
William Cooke Taylor
2 vols.
1845Cyclopaedia of Biblical Literature[26]John Kitto2 vols. An abridged version was made by James Taylor, as the Popular Cyclopædia of Biblical Literature (1854).[27]
1845–53A Biblical Dictionary[28]James Austin Bastow3 Vols.
1847The People’s Dictionary of the Bible[29][30]John Relly Beard
1847A Concise Dictionary of the Holy Bible[31]James Covel
1848Biblical Cyclopaedia[32]John Eadie
1851A Biblical and Theological Dictionary, illustrative of the Old and New Testament[33]John Farrar
1854A Bible Dictionary[34]Samuel Bulfinch Emmons
1856A Dictionary of the most important names, objects, and terms found in the Holy Scriptures[35]Howard Malcom
1863Smith’s Bible DictionaryWilliam SmithConcise Dictionary of the Bible for the Use of Families and Students (1865) was abridged from this work by William Aldis Wright.[36]
1864–83Geiriadur Beiblaidd a Duwinyddol[37]John Jones3 vols.
1866Imperial Bible Dictionary[38]Patrick Fairbairn
1866Treasury of Bible Knowledge[39]John Ayre
1867–81Cyclopaedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature[40]James Strongand John McClintock10 vols.
1867Smith’s Comprehensive Dictionary of the Bible[41]Samuel Weed Barnum
1870The Household Bible Dictionary[42]James Aitken Wylie
1870Beeton’s Bible Dictionary[43]Samuel Orchart Beeton
1871A Bible dictionary for the use of all readers and students of the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments of the books of the Apocrypha[44]Charles BoutellReissued as Haydn’s Bible Dictionary (1879), named for Joseph Timothy Haydn.[44][45]
1885Cursus Scripturæ Sacræ[46]Karl Josef Rudolph Cornely et al.
1894The Sunday School Teacher’s Bible Manual[47]Robert HunterAs Cassell’s Concise Bible Dictionary (1901)[47]
1894–1912Dictionnaire de la Bible[48]Fulcran Vigouroux
1897Easton’s Bible DictionaryMatthew George Easton
1898–1904Hastings’ Dictionary of the BibleJames Hastings5 vols.
1899–1903Encyclopaedia Biblica[49]Thomas Kelly Cheyne
J. Sutherland Black
4 vols.

Bible dictionaries of the 20th century[edit]

Bible dictionaries of the 21st century[edit]