October 28, 2021

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JK Rowling secretly published detective novel under a pseudonym

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JK Rowling secretly published a detective novel under a


CULTURE – JK Rowling, author of the famous Harry Potter saga, has secretly published a critically-acclaimed detective story under a pseudonym, the Sunday Times revealed on Sunday . The book, The Cuckoo’s Calling , was released in April under the Robert Galbraith name. It features Cormorant Strike, a wounded former soldier in Afghanistan turned private investigator, who is investigating the suicide of a model.

The book was “hailed by critics” as a “remarkable first novel,” said the Sunday Times . One of them had spoken of “brilliant beginnings”, another had praised the way in which this male author described female clothing.

The pot-aux-roses

The Sunday Times uncovered the pot-aux-roses by investigating how a novice writer, posing as a former member of the armed forces who then worked in the civil security sector, was able to produce “such an accomplished first novel” .


“I had hoped to keep the secret a little longer. Being Robert Galbraith was such a liberating experience,” JK Rowling told the newspaper. “It was wonderful to publish a book without all of that expectation or all the hype around it and a real pleasure to see how it was greeted under a different name.”

According to the Sunday Times , The Cuckoo’s Calling sold 1,500 hardcover copies, the first released by the publisher. It was published by Sphere, a house attached to the Little group, Brown Book, which also released JK Rowling’s latest novel that appeared last year under his name.

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In September 2012, the writer, now 47, turned the page on Harry Potter by publishing The Casual Vacancy ( A Place to Take in its French version), her first adult novel. A Place to Take received a mixed reception from critics, but it was the top seller when it was released in several countries, notably in the United Kingdom, even if it did not cause the frenzy expected by the booksellers.


Previously, JK Rowling had triumphed with the saga of the little wizard Harry Potter, sold over 450 million copies and adapted for the cinema, which made this mother of a family a multimillionaire.

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