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Blanche Collection, Gallimard
Release date: 10-01-2019
“Please … a little bit of sleep … a little bit of this sweet and pleasant absence … A simple break, a brief getaway, a picnic with the stars in the dark …”
A great insomniac, a writer from Tangier discovers that to finally sleep well he must kill someone. His mother will be his first victim. Alas, with time, the effect fades … He must reoffend. The screenwriter becomes a contract sleeper. Incognito, he commits crimes that he dreams as perfect as in cinema. The more important his victim is, the more he sleeps. And it’s climbing.
Will it finally overcome insomnia? Nothing is less sure. A scenario error, and everything can switch.

272 pages, 140 x 205 mm
Finished printing: 01-12-2018
Genre: Novels and stories Categories> Subcategories: French literature> Novels and stories / Foreign literature> Arabs – Francophones
Country: Morocco
Period: 20th-21st century
ISBN: 9782072831553 – Gencode: 9782072831553 – Distributor code: G02621