October 28, 2021

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Immanuel Kant – books and biography

Date of birth April 24, 1724
Died February 12, 1804

The famous German philosopher Immanuel Kant was born on April 24, 1724 in Konigsberg. He graduated from high school under the direction of Franz Albert Schulz, doctor of theology, and in 1740 began his studies at the University of Königsberg. But the philosopher could not finish his studies at the university because of the death of his father. Kant left his education and worked as a home teacher for 10 years to provide for his family. At this time, the author developed a cosmogonic hypothesis. It said that our solar system comes from a nebula (reviews of scientists speak of the relevance of this theory to this day).

In 1755, Immanuel Kant received his doctorate and finally got the opportunity to teach at the university. This is what the scientist did for the next 40 years of his life. He is writing his philosophical and natural science books. at the age of 46, Kant began teaching logic and metaphysics at the University of Königsberg. At this time, his fundamental books were written, which influenced all subsequent European philosophy. Today you can read many reviews and studies of Kant’s philosophy, which are relevant in the scientific and academic fields.

It is known about the life of this outstanding philosopher that he was distinguished by rather poor health. Because of this, Kant was forced to adhere to strict rules and a tough regime (which later allowed him to live a rather long life). His punctuality and clarity in following the rules was comic even for the Germans. In old age, the philosopher was looked after by his sister. Memories of the scientist’s prejudices, in particular of his anti-Semitism, have been preserved. Kant died on February 12, 1804 at the age of 79. He was buried in the professorial crypt of the Konigsberg Cathedral. A chapel was erected over the grave of the philosopher. The most famous work of the philosopher is Critique of Pure Reason. Kant’s philosophical works can be bought on the website of our online store.