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Hawthornden Prize

From Encyclopedia of English Literature

The Hawthornden Prize is a British literary award that was established in 1919 by Alice Warrender.[1] It is funded by a trust established by her.[2] Authors under the age of 41[3] are awarded on the quality of their “imaginative literature” which can be written in either poetry or prose.[4] The Hawthornden Committee awards the Prize annually for a work published in the previous twelve months. There have been several gap years without a recipient (1984–87, 1971–73, 1966, 1959, 1945–57).[5]

Unlike other major literary awards, the Hawthornden does not solicit submissions. It is also catholic in its coverage of the literary, welcoming fiction, travel writing, artistic and historical works.[6]

Monetarily, the Hawthornden Prize is modest: it offered £100 in 1936, and in 1995 was worth £2000.[7][8]




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