October 26, 2021

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Geoffrey Faber Memorial Prize

The Geoffrey Faber Memorial Prize is a British literary prize established in 1963 in tribute to Geoffrey Faber, founder and first Chairman of the publisher Faber & Faber. It recognises a single volume of poetry or fiction by a United Kingdom, Irish or Commonwealth author under the 40 years of age on the date of publication, and is in alternating years awarded to poetry and fiction (including short stories).[1]

The prize is worth £1000.[2]

The prize jury, comprising three reviewers, is selected by literary editors of journals and newspapers that regularly publish reviews of poetry and fiction.[3]

In its first year, the prize was awarded to Christopher Middleton and George MacBeth for poetry. The first win by a short-story collection, The Quantity Theory of Insanity by Will Self, was in 1993.[3]

1 Winners
2 Notes
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Year Author Title Section Jury Reference
1964 Christopher Middleton Torse 3 Poems 1949-1961 Poetry [4]
1964 George MacBeth The Broken Places: Poems Poetry [5]
1965 Frank Tuohy The Ice Saints Fiction [6]
1966 Jon Silkin Nature Within Man Poetry [7]
1967 William McIlvanney Remedy is None Fiction [8]
1967 John Noone The Man with the Chocolate Egg Fiction
1968 Seamus Heaney Death of a Naturalist Poetry [9]
1969 Piers Paul Read The Junkers Fiction [10]
1970 Geoffrey Hill King Log Poetry [11]
1971 J. G. Farrell Troubles Fiction [12]
1972 Tony Harrison The Loiners Poetry [13]
1973 David Storey Pasmore Fiction [14]
1974 John Fuller Cannibals and Missionaries and Epistles to Several Persons Poetry [15]
1975 Richard B. Wright In the Middle of a Life Fiction
1976 Douglas Dunn Love or Nothing Poetry [16]
1977 Carolyn Slaughter The Story of the Weasel Fiction
1978 David Harsent Dreams of the Dead Poetry [17]
1978 Kit Wright The Bear Looked Over the Mountain Poetry
1979 Timothy Mo The Monkey King Fiction [18]
1980 Hugo Williams Love-Life Poetry [19]
1980 George Szirtes The Slant Door Poetry [20]
1981 J. M. Coetzee Waiting for the Barbarians Fiction [21]
1982 Paul Muldoon Why Brownlee Left Poetry [22]
1982 Tom Paulin The Strange Museum Poetry [23]
1983 Graham Swift Shuttlecock Fiction [24]
1984 James Fenton In Memory of War: Poems 1968-83 Poetry
1985 Julian Barnes Flaubert’s Parrot Fiction [25]
1986 David Scott A Quiet Gathering Poetry
1987 Guy Vanderhaeghe Man Descending Fiction [26]
1988 Michael Hofmann Acrimony: Poems Poetry [27]
1989 David Profumo Sea Music Fiction
1990 Michael Donaghy Shibboleth Poetry [28]
1991 Carol Birch The Fog Line Fiction [29]
1992 Paul Muldoon Madoc: A Mystery Poetry [22]
1993 Will Self The Quantity Theory of Insanity Fiction [30]
1994 John Burnside Feast Days Poetry Nicholas Tredell [31][32]
1995 Livi Michael Their Angel Reach Fiction [33]
1996 Kathleen Jamie The Queen of Sheba Poetry [34]
1997 Emily Perkins Not Her Real Name Fiction [35]
1998 Don Paterson God’s Gift to Women Poetry Robert Potts [36]
1999 Gavin Kramer Shopping Fiction [37]
2000 Kathleen Jamie Jizzen Poetry Christina Patterson [38]
2001 Trezza Azzopardi The Hiding Place Fiction [39]
2002 Greta Stoddart At Home in the Dark Poetry [40]
2003 Justin Hill The Drink and Dream Teahouse Fiction
2004 Glyn Maxwell The Nerve: Poems Poetry [41]
2005 David Mitchell Cloud Atlas Fiction
2006 Alice Oswald Woods Etc. Poetry Neil Corcoran, Lavinia Greenlaw, Ciaran Carson [42][43]
2007 Edward Docx Self Help Fiction [44]
2008 Nick Laird On Purpose Poetry Jo Shapcott, Sam Leith, Michael Longley [9]
2009 David Szalay London and the South-East Fiction Kate Summerscale, Andrew Miller, Boyd Tonkin [45][46]
2010 Kona Macphee Perfect Blue Poetry Kate Kellaway, Bernard O’Donoghue, Stephen Romer [1][47]
2011 Belinda McKeon Solace Fiction Rachel Cusk, Jonathan Ruppin, Leo Robson [48]
2012 Jacob Polley The Havocs Poetry Jean Sprackland, Sarah Crown, Maurice Riordan [2]
2013 Eimear McBride A Girl Is a Half-formed Thing Fiction Deirdre Madden, Patrick Neale, Gaby Wood [49][50]
2014 Fiona Benson Bright Travellers Poetry Julia Copus, Ruth Padel, Max Porter [51]
Liz Berry Black Country
2015 Sara Baume Spill Simmer Falter Wither Fiction