October 26, 2021

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Alice Hunt Bartlett Prize

The Alice Hunt Bartlett Prize was awarded by the Poetry Society of London for a collection of poetry.

1966: Gavin Bantock for Christ: A Poem in 26 parts and Paul Roche for All Things Considered
1967: Ted Walker for The Solitaires: Poems 1964-65
1968: Gael Turnbull for A Trampoline: Poems 1952–64
1969: Tom Raworth for The Relation Ship
1970: Leslie Norris for Ransoms
1971: Geoffrey Hill for Mercian Hymns
1972: Paul Evans for February
1973: Rodney Pybus for In Memoriam Milena
1974: Allen Fisher for Place and Bill Griffiths for War With Windsor
1975: Elizabeth Ashworth for A New Confusion
1976: Lee Harwood for HMS Little Fox and Andrew Crozier for Pleats
1977: Kit Wright for The Bear Looked Over the Mountain
1978: John Montague for The Great Cloak
1979: Simon Lowy for Melusine and the Negredo
1980: John Whitworth for Unhistorical Fragments
1981: Thomas McCarthy for The Sorrow Garden and Carol Rumens for Unplayed Music
1982: Medbh McGuckian for Venus in the Rain and The Flower Master
1983: David Constantine for Watching for Dolphins
1984: Alison Fell for Kisses for Mayakovsky and Paul Hyland for The Stubborn Forest
1985: Vikram Seth for The Humble Administrator’s Garden and John Davies for The Visitor’s Book
1986: Helen Dunmore for The Sea Skater
1987: Sujata Bhatt for Brunizem